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Flight Bookings

We plan and organise your local and foreign flights to suit your preference and budget.
HAVAř Tourism is much more than a travel agency; our experienced, reliable and speedy travel consultants work like a solution partner.
Just decide where you want to go and let HAVAř Tourism deal with booking your flights. .

Hotel Reservations

HAVAř Tourism offers you stress-free trips for both business and leisure, thanks to our large network of affiliated hotels throughout the world.
On business trips, HAVAř Tourism acts like your personal assistant.
Are you looking for something out of the ordinary for your holiday, honeymoon, or New Year or bank holiday breaks?
Are you dreaming of skiing in the Alps, or sunbathing in Ibiza?
Let HAVAř Tourism transport you a place beyond your dreams

Domestic and International Tours

Look to HAVAř Tourism for a much more entertaining holiday than you could ever imagine, inland or overseas.


HAVAř Tourism offers you the opportunity to anchor in any port in the world and enjoy exotic delights in the location of your choice.
HAVAř Tourism cruises await your orders on magnificent vessels that have inspired films for a splendid holiday, well above your expectations.
Discover the world by either following the route that HAVAř has drawn up for you or chart your own course..


Fabulous golf tours from HAVAř Tourism for the fan of this, one of the most prestigious sports in the world. This is the one stroke you won't want to miss!
Bookings and tournament entries at golf clubs; all the way from Turkey to Portugal, from Scotland to Hawaii, for individuals and groups.

Spa and Well-being

Calling all those determined to escape the stress of work and life in the city!
HAVAř Tourism designs packages in a variety of spas in Turkey and abroad to help customers attain mental, physical and spiritual harmony.

Honeymoon Packages

You have picked your soul mate; we are at your beck and call for the most unforgettable honeymoon.
HAVAř Tourism offers the most unforgettable first holiday in a newlywed couple's life with memorable details. The world's finest cities, most beautiful sandy beaches, clearest seas, top hotels and love boats all welcome newlyweds, thanks to HAVAř Tourism's magical touch.

Gourmet Turları

Calling all those who enjoy savouring the local fare!
HAVAř Tourism organises gourmet tours for those who relish their food, who wish to sample the local fare, which seek out world cuisine and want to get to know indigenous tastes. These tours that take you to the birthplaces of exceptional delicacies may well linger on your palate.


Sports will become an integral part of your life!
HAVAř Tourism offers you the best alternative to watching sports on the box: Watching live, inland or abroad! HAVAř Tourism invites you to experience the thrill of the stadium. HAVAř Tourism's programmes will take you to the Olympic Games, World and European Cup football matches, basketball tournaments, Formula 1 races and all types of events on land, water or in the air.

Mavi Yolculuk

How about going on a thrilling cruise?
Join HAVAř Tourism on the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean for the trip of a lifetime through unique bays, greeting the dawning day and toasting under the setting sun, enjoying the most delicious fish, and feasting your eyes on how nature's green embraces the turquoise of the sea. Blue cruises are mystical and calming.

Private Jet and Helicopter Charter:

Private jets and helicopters await your call to make your pleasure or business trips even more special.

Rent-a Car

HAVAř Tourism offers you a wide of choice of vehicles for your business and leisure needs.



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